Saturday, 21 July 2012


We have done our best, but with all the hindrance we have had to face prior to our departure to Singapore, it seems that our best were not good enough to land us with the best result we have hoped for. Nevertheless, Silver is always better than bronze. Enough said, what done is done, so be it, we’ll do better in future. Alas, we have had a very good time in Singapore, with the professionalism shown by the organizer, every aspect of the festival was smooth and detailed.

Our trip to Singapore was accompanied by a group of a very dedicated, supportive and understanding group of escorting teachers. They’ve helped us to cope with the stress and never in any way and instance adding any bit of pressure into us. For this, we, TheR, wish to thank you from the bottom of our heart. Now we know how One person DO make a different, a very big different indeed. Anyway, the educational trips to historical venue and places of interest in Singapore have without doubt opened our eyes to the beauty of Singapore.

To Sir Eric, we are so sorry Sir, please accept our apologies, we have done our best, and we know you have given out your very best and trust on us, we may have failed you this round but we will strive harder. There’s no mountain high enough to stop us, even when there’s few red tapes around the mountain put up by certain people to slow us down, believe us, they may slowed us down but they can never stop us. TheR will strive harder.

And as usual, in this trip, we were shadowed by a very supportive group of parents, they were always there for us, always, without fail, previously, when we were in Penang, they were there, Bukit Tinggi, Istana Budaya etc., they were there, in every performances and events where TheR were involved, they were there. These dedicated group of supportive parents goes through thick and thin with us and are the one who make all the difference, when they’re around, we felt like our parents are with us, they tended us with whatever we need. So, to all parents who might not be able to be around, rest assured, we have your doppelganger with us, but not your wallet. 

To Abg Nazeem, Abg Ben, Abg Syahrul, Abg Rizal Hafiz and Abg Amin, our deepest apologies and sympathies to all of you, your effort and assistance will never be forgotten. We really hoped the confusion would not dampen your spirit in guiding us in the future, we love you.

And finally, some of us may be resting from TheR to concentrate on PMR whilst some may have had the last show with TheR as a team as they will be having the SPM exam soon, the door to their future. We, the whole family of TheR wishes you guys the best of luck. We will pray for your success and we pray for your strength. May TheR always be your family forever and ever. Viva La Vida TheR!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

TheR Appreciation BBQ

The title says it, it was a party held by parent councils/support group, alumni/oc with the support of YDP PIBG of SMSS. An event to be remembered, though we are sad that few of TheR members  were not able to attend, we felt sorry for them, but don't worry, we understand your problem and we have eaten your portion, no waste whatsoever have occurred.

The "appreciation bbq do" held in conjunction with TheR being champion in the Finale WOC 2012 were held at The Astaka, Stadium Wembley, SMSS.  2 well marinated lambs, dozens of chickens and sausages were barbecued by well experienced cook and wannabe cook consisted of parents, TheR members as well as alumni. Fruits, fried rice, noodle, beehon, cakes, chocolates and many more dishes were spread out for our mouth to gobble.. it was sumptous.

To all parents who have make this possible, we thank you. the lambs were the best.

Monday, 2 July 2012


After a hiatus from updating the site for few months, we are so proud to update that we are now the CHAMPION of the recently “FINALE SBP WIND ORCHESTRA CHAMPIONSHIP XIV/2012” held at PICC on 1 July 2012.
The event was officiated by Yang Teramat Mulia Tunku Panglima Besar Kedah Dato' Seri Diraja Tan Sri Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz binti Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah. There were glorious performances by all 8 contesting gold medalist recipient from the earlier held preliminary round in April 2012. And off course, in this finale, the supporters of our beloved "TheR" were kept to the edge by the mood swing during the event particularly when the result were being announced, all the contestants were good, BUT we were the BEST!! A well deserved win for "TheR"!!

Full result of the Finale are as follows:
1st: SM Sains Selangor
2nd: Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah
3rd: SM Sains Machang
Best Conductor: Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak
SM Sains Kuching
Kolej Tengku Kushiah
Sekolah Seri Puteri
SM Sains Sultan Mahmud
Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak

The Hounds of Spring will be hounding many of us for time to come. Special Thank to our dedicated and passionate coach, Mr Eric Lee Yin Fah, Sir, without you, we will not be on the stage to receive the coveted Treble Clef Cup, From all of us, we THANK YOU SIR!!!..and also a special Appreciation and Thanks to Tuan Haji Nor Paizin, our beloved "father", Thank you Tuan Haji for believing in us.. To the OC/alumni especially Abang Rizal, Abang Habib, Abang Nazeem and many more abang and kakak who never stop guiding us, to the parents with the abundance of food, medicine, food, food, food and love and everything else, to the teachers especially Puan Shahrul and many other teachers who have to bear with us, to the numerous numbers of tutors who have taught us the finer point of music and soul, To Sir Azharuddin for building a strong foundation for us, to SMSS's Ruggers for your endless motivation, to our colleagues at school and to the rest of the world who believe in "TheR". We love you, we would never be able to do it ourselves.
We may have won the coveted cup, after waiting for 8 years, a young band we might be, but with passion and dedication we have proved that we can do it. Now, we will strive harder to keep the Treble Clef Cup at our school for the longest time possible. We might succeed, we might not, but let it be known to all that we are not a quiter. So, to the contestant of next year SBP WOC, practice hard because we are not letting go of the cup easily.
Now, we are looking forward to embark on our next journey to the neighbouring country, we will be at the Singapore International Band Festival from 18th to 21st July 2012. Pitted against a long list of orchestra players from few countries, it will be chalenging, but without doubt, we promise to give out our best. Pray for us....

(we will post the photo later as we are gathering the best photo of our glorious day)

Friday, 18 February 2011

Program Bersama RTM

kepada semua pembaca..
untuk pengetahuan anda semua..

Pasukan Wind Orkestra Smss a.k.a The Renaissance
akan berada di Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
pada pukul 5 petang
untuk Program Bersama RTM..

Pelbagai aktiviti akan diadakan
dan ramai para artis akan turut hadir bersama..
Diharap anda semua turut hadir untuk memberi sokongan
dan menjayakan serta memeriahkan program tersebut..

Jangan lupa temu janji kita bersama di sana..
Semoga TheR akan memberikan persembahan yang terbaik
untuk halwa telinga anda semua..


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Exam oh Exam


Hari esok merupakan hari terpenting dalam sejarah hidup seorang pelajar tingkatan 3. Terutamanya kepada warga TheR, Didoakan sepenuh hati agar mendapat kejayaan cemerlang dalam peperiksaan nanti. .

So, semoga berjaya dan jangan lupa claim hadiah daripada para OC(oc hulur la skit hadiah...)

Jadi apabila naik cuti kali ni, macam biasa program untuk kita semua dah penuh. Ye, dah penuh!!! (seronok sebut). Daripada community service kita sehinggalah ke projek Luar Negara. Semoga Allah membantu kita melaksanakan segala perancangan program ini. (macam biasa majlis ibu bapa jangan lupa ye!!!)

So esok, semua akan beratur dan tangkap gambar macam ni. huhuhu

Thursday, 16 December 2010


hey suma,
dh lame blog ini tidak di 'updated..
so,thanx to Rizal Isa..
now,i'm Rizal Hafiz hav a copyright to and will manage this blog di
samping rakan2 o.c yg laen dan juga banders of TheR..
segala event family TheR akan di updated untuk tatapan para p'baca yang tidak jemu m'nyokong TheR..thanx

tahun 2010 akan melabuhkn tirai nyer beberape hari lagi..
dan tahun 2011 akan datang menjelma..

mari kite preview k'jayaan TheR pada tahun ini..

~Pertandingan Awal Wind Orkestra SBP-Anugerah Emas dan layak ke Finale..
(4 the 1st time,new history 4 SMSS n TheR)

~Pertandingan Finale Wind Orkestra SBP-1st Runner Up..
(tidak ada rezeki untuk b'gelar 'sang juara'..still b'syukur dan sangat bangga)

~Singapore International Band Festival-Silver Award
(1st time sertai pertandingan di oversea)

berikut merupakan pertandingan2 yang telah TheR sertai pada tahun 2010..dengan usaha gigih dan tanggungjawab daripada setiap player n sokongan yang padu daripada barisan o.c,kami telah b'jaya menaikkan nama TheR di peringkat kebangsaan dan juga antarabangsa..

kami juga telah menerima banyak undangan dan jemputan untuk membuat persembahan dalam sekolah dan negara..dengan peruntukan wang daripada Kluster Kecermelangan Orkestra dan sokongan Majlis Ibu Bapa Orkestra SMSS,segala persiapan pada tahun ini telah menjadi lebih mudah dan senang..jutaan terima kasih di ucapkan..

seribu penghargaan ditujukan kepada Presiden TheR 2010,saudara Ahmad Armim di atas keyakinan yang tinggi dan usaha memajukan orkestra ini..kepada saudara Rizal Isa,Orkestra Consultant yang telah lama b'sama kami dan yang telah m'bantu dan b'penat-lelah untuk kami selama ini..

Barisan saudara2 dan saudari2 O.C:
~Habib Yunus
~Mohd Nazeem
~Raja Nur Farahin
~Muhammad Firdaus a.k.a Ben
~Syarif Syahrul Syazwan
~Muhammad Julaibib a.ka. Wak

thanx korang tolong TheR..jasamu dikenang..kepada player Form5 a.k.a Visionaries0610,masa korang telah sampai di penghujung nyerr b'same TheR..harap korang akan m'jadik O.C di masa hadapan dan m'bantu junior2 kamu untuk terus b'jaye..

juga tidak dilupakan Sir Azhar Azharuddin,terima kasih di atas segala ilmu yang telah di curah kan kepada kami..harap sir akan terus b'same kami menempuh dugaan dan cabaran pada tahun hadapan..Puan Shahrul Bariyah,cikgu t'sayang,terus kan perjuangan cikgu m'bela nasib kami..kami sayang Sir dan Cikgu!!!!

kepada player TheR tahun 2011,
gudluck korang dalam m'nempuh cabaran dan rintangan next year..
jangan lupe training hard dan maen mesti ade 'expression' okayh..
bagi kerjasame kepada senior korang t'utama Presiden TheR 2011,saudara Mikhael dan Conductor,saudara Nazran..harap korang akan m'nyambung tradisi k'cemerlangan para presiden dan conductor TheR seperti saudara Faliq Aizat(Best Conductor SBP WOC Festival 2010)..jangan putus asa dan terus m'macu TheR ke arah kejayaan okayh..

1st projek TheR pada tahun 2011,
The Annual Charity Dinner TheR..
hope dapat kutip dana yang lebih banyak daripada tahun ini..
so dat,TheR akan m'dapat ahli baru dalam family insrument
such as rotary tuba,basson dan lebih banyak oboe,clarinet,flute,saxophone,
french horn,trombone dan euphonium..

cabaran baru..semangat baru..
tahun 2011..akan kite buktikan
bahawa kite mampu m'jadik JUARA peringkat SBP
chaiyok2 TheR..
go TheR go..!!!!

di sini,
saya juga ingin mem'promote' TheR kepada anda sekalian..
kepada sesiapa yang mahukan persembahan orkestra b'taraf MPO dan profesional untuk ape2 event anda..anda boleh lah dan di galak kan m'jemput kami,TheR untuk memeriahkan majlis anda..bagaimana???anda bolehlah tinggal kan nombor telefon anda dan kami dengan besar hati akan menghubungi anda..kepada anda yang m'rasakan anda m'punyai kritikan,teguran ataupun pujian..anda dialu-alukan untuk meninggalkan comment anda di sini..thanx